Reconnect with looking, feeling, sounding...being well

Living a healthy life, such a common term, such a difficult concept to live out though often, isn't it?

We’re so used to beating ourselves with sticks when it comes to our health & wellbeing aren’t we?
​"Should, don’t, faster, fitter, slimmer, sexier, less food, more motivation, happier, balanced"... 
All in a bid to try and reveal our real self to the world.

Thing is, few of us actually take the time to fully understand who we are as individuals, before we start thinking about what kind of interactions with others best suit us. 

Or do you?
There was a time when I didn't, making connecting well with others and myself at times tiring and sometimes frankly offputting...



Simple self care

Let me introduce you to a whole different approach - welcome to the concept of wooing.

Woo who?

You, yourself!

Not everyone else, they can wait for now.

The first thing to internalise is that you matter:
Not for what you can do.
But simply because you ARE.
Because you are YOU.

For many high performers, be that in a boardroom or scaling dizzy music, fashion or mountainous heights, or all, this is NOT a given.

  • Excelling
  • Coping with the seemingly impossible
  • Making sure everyone else is looked after


Those things can come easily.
But looking after ourselves?
Well, that's a whole different ball game.

So as your high performance coach, one of my main tasks is to ensure you realise your worth cerebrally and emotionally, so it becomes a practical, consistent way of being. 

And once you understand & accept your true self (yes, there are two parts to the puzzle!), then onwards and upwards - time to shine across your life, in a way that feels natural; rather than 'pushing' and feeling unfulfillingly out of your comfort zone.


Camera in hand


1. What are my values and why?

2. Can personality really help me understand things about myself?

3. What are my strengths and how well am I incorporating these into everyday life??


Contented run

To revolutionise your physical wellbeing simply and sustainably, I recommend a 3 pillar approach.

Pillar 1:
A balanced approach to eating healthy, satisfying food every day

Pillar 2:
A balanced approach to doing regular exercise that makes you feel alive

Pillar 3:
A willingness to consistently identify and reduce stressful factors in your environment


Beaming for joy

What does mental health mean to you:

  • depression?
  • frequent feelings of deep loneliness and isolation?
  • suicidal thoughts?
  • not feeling accepted, or like you've ever belonged to anyone or anywhere?
  • loss, grief, trauma?

​We can often appear to be complex beings (or am I the only one?!) but at our core we're actually very simple and all the same; we need to feel wanted, accepted and understood.

​It doesn't matter how stunning, successful or seemingly 'well connected' you are, there may still be a deep well of emptiness inside that you've never revealed to anyone. One that threatens to suck you in when you least expect. Precisely because it may be wholly unexpected to others and to yourself.

If this is the case, coaching with me can change this lastingly; a safe, encouraging, fun and, at times, challenging space where you can be YOU, in all your multi-faceted marvellousness.

Open and authentic is an exciting way to be - go for it; a life that lights you up, not fills you with dread.

Do you know you're worth it?


Stylish lady in walkway
  • Is there an ideal body you aspire to have?
  • How long have you wanted it, why, and who do you know personally with a body like this? 
  • Is it an attainable aspiration while still living a healthy & fulfilling life?
  • If so, what's stopping you?
  • And if you're honest, why does having this body REALLY matter to you?
  • What would you give to have it?
  • And what if actually the biggest thing you could do was to accept yourself, for real and for ever?

Maybe you're so tired of feeling like you just don't 'fit' - your clothes; your reflection in the mirror; how others view you.
Maybe you've always felt like the odd one out because you think you're too fat, thin, freckly, bald, hairy, tall, small, flat chested, 'well endowed', overly muscly, like a beanpole...

Or maybe life has 'happened' and you no longer recognise yourself because all you were prized or praised for appears to have disappeared.

Before you read any further, I'd love you to realise that you are totally and utterly unique.

A one-off wonder.

And if you don't think anyone could ever consider you a wonder, not if they really knew you, then, well, you've met your coaching match!